Frequently Asked Questions

What are sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are natural products made from a plant called tapioca. These beautiful flowers are individually hand-made, which makes each one of them unique. They come in natural ivory colour and if their bark is used to make them, they come in a combination of brown and ivory in colour. One of the amazing qualities of these flowers is, you can dye them to any colour.

How do I dye these raw flowers?

Its very easy to dye them and anyone can, including your children at home. Just take 1:2 water and paint, mix it well and quick dip the flowers in the mixture and dry them. For softness you can add little bit of glycerin based on mixture. There are plenty of videos online on how to dye Sola Wood Flowers for more further guidance and tips.

Are these sola wood flowers eco-friendly?

Yes, absolutely! Sola wood is a natural product and it is 100% biodegradable being made of sustainable material.

How long do these flowers last?

Forever and ever provided you take care of them. These flowers will last a lifetime with the right care. Please keep away from open fire and do not expose them to prolonged contact with liquids. 

How do I take care of these flowers?

Once your order arrives, open the bag and let your flowers breath for couple of days as they might have been exposed to moisture during delivery. Store them in a cool, dry place. Once your flowers are dyed, your floral bouquets or decor should be kept away from direct sunlight so that your colours do not fade away. 

You will notice an earthy smell when you open your bags, this is due to the flowers being naturally made from plants. Once you receive them, please open the 100% bio-degradable bag these flowers come in, let them breath for a bit and this smell will soon go away. Please remember to recycle your poly bags after use.

Why do my flowers look like they are not all the same?

Just like real flowers, these flowers are individually unique and no two flowers look the same. They are each handmade and there will be imperfections such as chips from the edges of the plant or even bark within them naturally. These flowers are made from wood knots and veining might be visible on some of the petals, which only adds uniqueness to these flowers rather than imperfection.

Where do you store these flowers?

You can store them in an open container and make sure you keep this container somewhere cool and dry. Do not store them in an air tight container as they might get mouldy. These flowers need to breathe and be kept away from direct sunlight. These flowers are extremely delicate and can get damaged due to rough handling. Do take extra care when you are dyeing them and arranging them.

As these flowers are made from organic materials, they may discolour or mould if they are exposed to moisture. 

Are these flowers loose or can I get stems attached?

All our sola wood flowers are loose other than our Hydrangeas, which are made with a stem. 

  • What can I use these flowers for?
  • We believe you can use them for pretty much anything or any project. 
  • Wedding floral arrangements including your bridal bouquets, centrepieces and bridesmaids bouquet.
  • Floral arrangments for any sort
  • Wall and home decor

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