Diffuser Flowers

These flowers are much better than the standard reeds both in looks and diffusing the scent. They will look aesthetically beautiful and are eco-friendly as they are made from natural products. Each flower is handmade and the rope/wick is attached at the making of these flowers. 

Fragrance fluid is drawn up through the wick at the base of the flower up into the flower head and diffuses out the scent/fragrance. As the liquid is absorbed the petals will open out and become translucent. These diffuser flowers last a very long time, as long as the wick is kept well submerged in fragrance and does not dry out, these beautiful flowers will continue to fragrance your home for months.

All these flowers are ivory in colour but will change as they absorb the colour of the scented liquid if the liquid is coloured.

These unique flowers are available for delivery nationwide. Find more information on our delivery services here.

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Diffuser Flowers