About Us

Hello everyone, thank you for taking time and stopping by to read this.

My name is Lakshmi and I live in North-West London with my small, loving family. I worked in HR for 15 years, the last role being “Head of HR” for a corporate. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I was made redundant and that gave me a perfect opportunity to look for something I really enjoy doing, which is where this project stems from. 

Whilst visiting family in Iowa, United States during Christmas time, I came across these amazing sola wood flowers. I fell in love with these flowers and started researching and came to know that they are not as known in UK as they are amongst our trans-Atlantic friends. It intrigued me and it did not feel right that they are not as readily available for our gorgeous and well deserving brides and crafters. The only reason I could think of is that they are not easily available here.

I have managed to source these flowers directly from where they are made. 

One thing I am really keen is to keep my supply chain as eco-friendly as possible and is one of the reasons why I love these flowers, they are eco-friendly, versatile, easy to work with and you cannot not fall in love with the final product.

Another thing, I would like to let you all know is that, 1% of everything this business turns around will be donated to cancer research for the amazing job they do and did with a very close family member of mine recently.

This is my story and I do hope you all thoroughly enjoy your flowers when you do receive them and fall in love with them as much as I do or even more. x