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Known as Baby’s Breath or Bristol Fairy, Gypsophila is an incredibly popular choice amongst florists for their filling capabilities. A very small amount can really fill up your arrangements and therefore, this makes it an excellent choice to add to any floral arrangements.

Size: Each bunch consists of 100g

Preserved plants are 100% natural, so their shapes can vary just as with any natural product. They do not require any maintenance or watering. They keep their freshness for many years to come. 

Please note these are for indoor use only.

Preserved foliage’s and flowers are natural stems that have been treated and often coloured. Keep away from direct sunlight, change in humidity and handle them with care. Stems can react to these changes by sweating and they are not colourfast and could potentially stain surfaces, So please keep away from surfaces where they could cause staining.

Country of Origin - Italy


Please telephone to order.
Price :  £12.49