Sola flowers with rope (RIP flowers, slightly damaged)

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Sola flowers with rope (RIP flowers, slightly damaged)

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This is a set of 13 sola wood flowers with ropes, approx between 6 and 8 cm diameter with cotton rope and adjustable wire stem. They are made for Diffuser Perfume bottles and these flowers ae fantastic at absorbing scent and colour.

These flowers are slightly damaged in transit, mostly one or two petals ripped. They would be ideal for testing with your diffusers.

The Wire stem is hidden inside the white rope so that it can stand in your perfume bottle. When the flower fully absorbs the scent, it increases in wright and it make the flower sturdy.  These wire stems are easily be adjusted with hands. 

The wire stem is around 6cm long and should fit any size diffuser bottles.

Please note that some brown veining and sometimes, small holes from a "knot" in the wood are on some of the flowers as they are made from natural wood material.   

Price: £7.49